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"As a furniture designer, I draw inspiration from our everyday lives and routines, my vision is to always design with intention, creating eco-friendly pieces that can revitalize the energy in your space. 


I'm also a plant enthusiast, which also influences my design style. During my early years in design school, I remember coming across a community garden and thought it was a great idea, except it wasn't accessible to everyone. That's when the seed was planted and I decided that I wanted to create pieces that make it possible to welcome plants back into our everyday life. I wanted to be a designer that was environmentally conscious and one who also advocates for social justice."  – Daniel

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles and is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design; when not busy creating in the studio, Daniel can be found working on his extensive garden, out supporting other local business' in the area or enjoying tacos at one of his favorite neighborhood spots...

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